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Buying a home? I’m here to help you at each step in the process!

Why choose Craig?

I’m here to do the heavy lifting to give you a competitive edge to finding the right home for the right price. Whether it’s my vast knowledge of the Real Estate market, my extensive community connections, or my steadfast approach, it’s my job to minimize the challenges that come with purchasing a home. Be prepared. Get in touch to make an appointment to discuss the process of buying a home. Potential homebuyers can call 685-2638 or email

If you’re considering homeownership you are probably aware of and excited about the many benefits, including;

  • Independence
  • Building equity
  • Investing in your future
  • Creating a safe place for your family

However, the process can be challenging, which is why I’ve compiled these reports, to support you making a wise buying decision. You’ll find informative articles on mortgages, viewing homes, the offer, closing details and moving.

Taking the first steps

Renters thinking about purchasing a home of their own should understand these factors that when purchasing a home.

Avoid these common buyer errors

Save time and money with a strategy when buying a home. These are great tips to make the most of your new home purchase.

Paying the right price

Become a savvy buyer; know the negotiating pitfalls inherent in the home-buying process.

A smooth purchase in six steps

Buying a home can be an emotional, time-consuming, and complex process. Follow these six steps for a smooth transition.

More Buying Tips:

Ready for home ownership?

Contact me if you have any questions about buying a home in Conception Bay South or elsewhere in surrounding area ; call 685-2638 or email

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